Edible Cocktail Toppers Accessories Ms Better’s Bitters, Miraculous Foamer – 120ml

Ms Better’s Bitters, Miraculous Foamer – 120ml

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Ms Better’s Bitters Miraculous Foamer replaces egg whites in cocktails. Creating the perfect foam for our Edible Cocktail Toppers.

Allergen free. Shelf stable. Ideal for making pre-batched cocktails. Vegan, plant based (No Pea protein or Aqua Faba)

Try 6-12 droplets per cocktail – so a single bottle will make up to 200 drinks (We suggest that users make up the lower liquid volume with extra water or ice when they shake to activate)

When used as directed the Foamer is not a noticeable flavour in cocktails.

alcohol 40 %, organic cane sugar, natural avour extract, botanical extracts