Alex Griffiths - Founder - Edible Cocktail Toppers

Alex here, I'm the Founder of Edible Cocktail Toppers and I'd love to personally welcome you to our little corner of the internet.

Thank you for taking the time to sign up to our newsletter, it's main job is to inspire you, and yes, occasionally sell you our sustainable cocktail garnishes.

Here's how we came to be...

My career started within the hospitality industry at the tender age of 15, I quickly grew through the operational ranks and took on management capacities across a variety of establishments. The one thing I became acutely aware of was the vast amounts of waste generated in the day to day running.  And this got me thinking, what small change can we make to cut that. 

The bar was the obvious answer (and my favourite area 😉), the end of each night would see perfectly usable fruit hitting the bin, many late nights were had whilst still working within the industry perfecting the perfect, sustainable garnish.

And so we were born, Edible Cocktail Toppers, a potato starch based product, the by-product of potato processing, each one lovingly embellished with your logo, photo or illustration.

I hope that you can join us in helping cut food waste, one topper at a time.