Tips for creating the perfect girl’s night in

Tips for creating the perfect girl’s night in

Are you well overdue a girls night in? Perhaps it’s time to ring up the girl gang and get planning a catch-up to remember.

Are you well overdue a girls night in?

Perhaps it’s time to ring up the girl gang and get planning a catch-up to remember.

We’ve got all of the best tips to help make your night in together a fun one – so just take a read of our suggestions below and get ready to party!

Party to the perfect playlist

Every good girls night in needs a fun playlist to set the mood, right?

Well, we definitely think so!

Whether you want a night filled with all female power ballads or you fancy some feel good pop hits – make sure you’ve got a playlist that your group of pals will love.

Just be prepared for the questionable singing that may come after a few drinks…

Mix up your favourite cocktails

It can’t be a girl’s night without a few tasty cocktails!

It’s time to get the shakers out and have some fun.

Ask all the girls to bring a shaker (if they have one) and get mixing up some delightful and slightly deadly drinks!

Whether you fancy a Pornstar Martini or a minty mojito, stock up on supplies and get creative with the gals.

We recommend some of these delicious recipes from BBC Good Food to get you started.

Get personal: Add some personalised details that everyone will love

Who doesn’t love a good personalised detail?

Adding some personalised elements to your evening shows that you’ve gone the extra mile to make your girls night, an extra special one.

If you’re fancying being a little extra, we recommend creating some mini goodie bags to suit each of the girl’s needs.

In these bags, you could add their favourite snacks, a miniature bottle of their favourite spirit and a pack of personalised cocktail toppers.

This way they can decorate each of their drinks with a totally ‘them’ touch whilst grazing on their favourite pack of sweets. Sounds ideal to us!

Collaborate and create the charcuterie board of dreams

Have you seen this TikTok trend yet?

It’s the top trick to creating the ultimate charcuterie board.

Assign each of your friends a different element of the board to bring with them – for example cheese, cold meats, breads, olives, stuffed peppers or whatever takes your fancy.

Everyone will bring one thing each and together you will assemble the snacking platter of dreams, that will last you the whole night.

Just don’t forget to TikTok it and make the gang a little bit jealous.

Games time!

Every good party needs a good game, right?!

We think so too.

If you’re looking for a drinking based party game we have several fun suggestions here that are always a hit with our pals.

Alternatively a round of Cards Against Humanity is bound to raise some eyebrows and cause a few laughs.

But whatever you do, don’t get the Monopoly out – we don’t want tears or arguments at this girls night!

All that’s left to do is to have fun!