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Vegan Friendly 🍃    WOW Factor 🔥   Worldwide Shipping 🌎

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Edible Cocktail Toppers

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Wedding Cocktail Toppers (1)

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Edible Wedding Cocktail Toppers are the perfect addition to any cocktail. Make every drink a photo opportunity, with the lucky couple’s name and wedding date displayed on the top of each cocktail.

Wedding Cocktail Toppers (1) – Sample pack (2 of each size)
Wedding Cocktail Toppers (1) – 24 pieces x 1.5 inch - £5
Wedding Cocktail Toppers (1) – 30 pieces x 2 inch - £7
Wedding Cocktail Toppers (1) – 20 pieces x 2.5 inch - £8
Wedding Cocktail Toppers (1) – 15 pieces x 3 inch - £7

More Information

Edible wedding cupcake toppers are the perfect addition to any cupcake. Each cake can be a photo opportunity, with the lucky couple’s name and wedding date displayed on top of the icing.

Can’t see a design that you like? Don’t worry, simply drop us an email with your idea and we’ll create a bespoke design, perfect for your special day!


Size: 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 2.5 inch or 3 inch circle

Shelf Life:
18 months

Ingredients: Food colouring, Potato Starch, Water, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil

Store flat in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

How do I use wedding cupcake toppers?

For best results place on top of a cupcake, or even a foamed cocktail. Our toppers can be placed carefully on any liquid, prosecco, still cocktails, even hot drinks (we’ve tested for up to 30 mins, and they remained in one piece), alternatively attached to the rim of the glass with a mini clothes peg. You can see the variety of drinks that people have used them on our Instagram page

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