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‘Tis the season to party.

If you’re ready to host a top event at home this year and want to pull out all of the stops – then you’re in luck, we’re here to help!

Here are our top tips to creating a party to remember.

The decorations

Of course you want your party to look the part.

Therefore it’s time to get decorative.

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year or a big birthday, a good place to start is by establishing a theme.

This could be a colour, a location or a decade – just make sure it’s something that you can channel your creative spirits into.

Then you’ll want to base all of the little extras around this theme – the balloons, the plates, the glasses, the cocktail toppers, the paper chains, anything you fancy.

Make sure to go that little bit extra for a real party pay-off.

The drinks

No party is ever complete without some very tasty drinks.

If you’re feeling flashy, you should definitely get the cocktail shaker out and mix up some tasty tipples.

A cool, fun idea is to create a party menu if you find the time. You can name your drinks based on the theme and let your guests experience the bar-treatment whilst at yours.

This also allows you to design and order a variety of different cocktail toppers, to make each style of drink stand out. Whether you decide to pick and print the names of each cocktail or keep it classic with some familiar faces – your guests will love that you’ve gone the extra mile!

Something to bear in mind over the party season is that you will be entertaining plenty of designated drivers, so make sure to stock up on the soft drinks and add a couple of mocktails to the menu.


the playlist

Every great party needs a playlist that sets the tone for the night.

You want a mix of songs that gets the vibe just right.

If you want a sophisticated evening select some chilled out tunes, but if you want people dancing definitely slip in some big anthems.

A nice idea is to add a ‘request bucket’ with some pens and paper next to it.

You can get your friends to write their song suggestions and pop them in. As the night goes on you can select a few at random and add them to the Spotify queue.

Everyone’s a winner!

the food

Let’s talk food!

Every good party host knows that there’s a point in the night where some guests need feeding.

It doesn’t need to be anything major but a variety of picky bits never go a miss.

If you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your snacks then you’re in luck, as we have a very quick hack

Our toppers don’t have to just be for cocktails, so getsome cool designs stocked up and add them to your online order. You can then use these to decorate your cupcakes and sweet treats to show your guests you’ve gone the extra mile (without actually having to do very much!)


Who’s ready to party?

We hope you’re feeling inspired and go big with your celebrations!

Providing you’ve got the right people round and some delicious drinks on standby you can’t go too wrong.

All that’s left is to get your dancing shoes on.




Should you decide to treat your friends to your special creations, make sure to get some personalised edible toppers to really elevate your party.

 Happy drinking!